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author SHARON DUMONT, Christian author of Stanger in My Bathtub, is an amazing woman of faith. She writes a compelling story of the heartaches and tragedies that brought her to her knees.


By writing this book, Sharon has allowed herself to become transparent in every aspect of her life. She hopes that you, her readers, will understand that without a personal Savior she would not have survived.


More importantly, Sharon hopes that you will see that hope and love are attainable, even for someone who lost all self-esteem and felt that there was no chance of forgiveness.


What others are Saying


Sharon’s story is both heart-breaking... and heart-warming. Having been acquainted with her for over forty years, I only truly knew her when I read, in her own words, the life that she was able to survive because of her strong faith. Her book has a message for all of us: how we can make a difference in ourselves and the lives of others by persevering, and by remembering a story that is hard to tell.
—Cheryl West, Newport Beach, CA



When Jesus calls us to Himself, He calls us to a journey of relationship, intimacy, and obedience. Sharon Dumont, in Stranger in my Bathtub, tells an authentic, transparent story of her personal journey with the Lord. The familiar battle of wills between ours and God’s is played out in this amazing book.
—Pastor Frank Winans, Woodbridge Community Church


You will not be able to put Sharon’s testimony down. You will see how the Lord protected her, that we don’t earn our salvation, that He forgives us, and how He can turn our trials into victories if we give our life to Him. Sharon’s life is indeed an inspiration!
—Linda Wilcox, Hemet, CA


When I read Sharon’s book, all I wanted to do was to hold her in my arms and comfort her, and tell her that I love her. I have known Sharon for more than forty years and she is an amazing woman of God. There were stories of her life that left me overwhelmed, realizing how much courage she had. It is a privilege to call her friend.
—Sherry Leach, Southport, NC


Sometimes all we have is our Faith to get through Life. This is the gripping tale of the tortuous struggle through torments and trials of one life - and the hard-held Faith that got Sharon through.
—Kent Cavender, Naples, FL